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FIND the 2018 XYZZY Award-winning Best Setting!
Come for the scenery and ambiance! Stay because there is no other choice! Thanks to everyone who created and played IF in 2018. Come joi...
4 XYZZY Nominations! Including Best Game???
I am staggered to report that Cannery Vale was nominated for four XYZZY award categories! Best Game Best Story Best Setting Best Individual PC This is so very...
And you thought Silent Hill was a bad neighborhood...
I have been entering IFComp since 2013. It's always bad to try and throw something together last-minute, but I have totally done that . My first entry, Final Gi...
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Cannery Vale Arises from the Depths
Cannery Vale has been released and updated on! My weird atmospheric horror game won 9th place in the 2018 Interactive Fiction Competition and has gotte...

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