Hell, even a seagull would hit the spot right now, roasted crispy over a flame--

He immediately put all thoughts of food out of his head because at the moment it was just torture_

* * *

Intended for mature audiences. Prose explicitness is adjustable in-game.

* * *

2018 XYZZY Award Winner:  -=BEST SETTING=-

-=9th Place=-  24th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition 2018

-=XYZZY Award Nominations=-

  • Best Game
  • Best Story
  • Best Setting
  • Best Individual PC

Install instructions

Play online on itch.io, or download, unzip and run index.html in a modern browser. Double-clicking index.html should open in your default web client, but remain offline (except for web links to credited contributors which will open online in a new window if a connection is available). 

  • Tested in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
  • Make sure the 'files' folder remains in the same directory as index.html. 
  • Saves are maintained in browser cache and will be erased if data/cookies are cleared.

The game is mobile-friendly and will reconfigure the screen based on available real-estate. Some mobile devices may not be able to play music and sounds simultaneously based on hardware limitations; this should not affect gameplay.

This game does not contain jump scares, but some music and sound cues play suddenly and unexpectedly and might startle at high volume levels. Please adjust your speakers or headphones to a comfortable medium range if you are sensitive to this.


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