I need your help. I mean, you're the one who is supposed to talk me out of things before I do anything stupid.

Time has stopped moving, and that might turn out to have been my fault. I didn't mean to do it. You must believe me. I'll prove it to you if you help me fix this. There are other people who might be able to help us.

Unfortunately, they are all mad.


AliceAforethoughtDL.zip 14 MB
2013 I7 Prototype (gblorb) 387 kB
2017 I7 Prototype (gblorb) 3 MB

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Oh god....As if your other stories weren't crazy enough (yet somehow addicting)..... I have to admit, I became a huge fan of your work after reading Cannery Vale, but I also would like to remind myself that I also spent a total of twelve hours on that game before I play this one.  =_= .......

Alright, sure. I'll bite. 

I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed Cannery Vale! Mind the rabbit hole!