When suspects and witnesses are “property, not people,” how should those who seek the truth proceed? Date robots. Avert scandal. Bring protection.


Content warning:  Adult Situations, Language, and Humor, Sexual Descriptions, Mild Violence  (no explicit sexual or violent images), recreational drug and alcohol use.

A less sexually-explicit prose mode may be chosen in-game.


6th Place IFComp 2019

2019 XYZZY Award Nominee

Best Story - Best NPCs - Best Use of Multimedia

Development log


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this is SO COOL! i stayed up entirely too late playing it when i stumbled across it last night. I missed a pretty significant thing on my first run, so i'm headed back for more, and i cannot wait. the writing is so good, and the way it's presented is masterful. i love love games that drop hints towards their sinister undertones, games that worldbuild through the details as you go, and games that present odd situations as normal, leaving you to pick up the pieces yourself... so basically, this is ideal. the atmosphere and vibe are my JAM. i clearly don't have very many words atm -- so i'll shut up now and just say thanks for making this :-)


Thank you! It always makes me happy to hear people enjoy the vibe of this world. A couple of these characters wound up having brief cameos in my next game - which is not adult and very different! 


nice! I'll be along for the ride :-) I've started making my way through your other stuff now -- maybe this comment doesn't belong here, but I really like Cannery Vale, too. excited to keep reading/playing/experiencing the backlog!

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Yes! True ending! Victory is mine!

Great, very immersive, deep worldbuilding, right combo of serious and light, amazing music choice (*blows kiss to Kevin MacLeod*), great characterization, great mystery, and very engaging! Also, hot. Also, Ai Wa Nanika is going to be stuck in my head forever!

Thanks for making this!

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I'm so glad you enjoyed it and got the full ending! I'm also so happy people have discovered the karaoke section since it's buried deep in the menus. While I was creating RSPM, there was a period of about six weeks where I couldn't drive the car without being all "...cuz it doooooesn't seem reeeeeeeeal..." :)

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Version 1.3 - Corrected numerous minor text errors based on gracious feedback. [Thank you F.D. and agentmidnight!]