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This game is freaky and awesome. I'm a sucker for "eldritch ritual to access another world" stories and this one's really well made. You took the ritual and elevated it into a full-on cinematic experience. Great game, loved exploring the uncanny alt-apartment complex.

Oh yeah, and is the person who freaked out in the mirror dare a reference to Psychomanteum? Maybe they should consider a pause on the the three dares thing, it seems to carry a pretty high death toll...

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I'm glad you enjoyed it! You're correct about the Psychomanteum reference. In my brain it's kind of a "deadly Halloween game" trilogy and if I ever write another Ectocomp game it will probably figure in somehow. 

Regarding Reika, be aware this was written very fast sort of as a Speed-IF so the plot isn't likely completely logical... 

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"Restore" doesn't seem to be working at all for me; I made sure to restart the game before trying, but nothing happens when I click on my saved game. :/


I apologize, for some reason this game eats save slots. I know that's bad but I have tried to fix it and for some reason it seems to happen in some other games created with AXMA 6 as well. Unfortunately the game creation software isn't really supported anymore. It uses your browser cache to save, so if you can selectively clear cookies (if you dig in you only need to clear for this game/url/website if you don't want to clear all of your cookies) it will clear the save slots and you can use them again. Alternately save again on a new slot and make sure you don't try to restore it on the game over page which seems to be what corrupts each slot selectively. Another option - re-play in a different browser which will access a clean cache for it.

Since the software isn't supported and updated anymore for about four years now it's possible there have been browser updates that don't work well with AXMA and may be exacerbating the issue. 

NOTE: I've noticed that attempting to restore from a save slot on the final "game over" screen seems to corrupt that save slot. If you're at the end title screen with credits,  please restart the game before restoring so you don't lose a save. 


Sorry to necro but I was wondering if I'm missing something. Is there is any way to save Reika? I've gotten to the point where I find her on top of the water tower on the roof, but that seems to be a dead end. Is there an ending where she escapes or is she doomed no matter what?

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Hey! Thanks for playing! So the answer... If you play the ending where you leave the building and return to the party, you'll find out...

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Spooky Halloween Twist! This was written for EctoComp which is short horror game jam, so there is no extended happy ending. 


This was super fun to play, and I loved that there were several endings! My only complaint is that in the ending where you talk to Reika on the fifth floor, the end screen comes so quickly after that you don't get a chance to read what it says!


10/10 40-minute existential nightmare, Mr. Ondricek, elevated my blood pressure higher than two metric tons of meth ever could

Oh wow! Glad you enjoyed(?) it! XD


That was really excellent, very tense adaptation of the story. Nicely done!


Thank you, I had a blast recreating it!


this was incredibly ennerving and im still unsure if im in the real world again or not. Awesome game, well done!!

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Keep an eye out for the red triangle!


Thanks for the fun game, Hanon! I think I'll take the stairs from now on ...

It was a rather funny coincidence that we'd both seize on the elevator game as a premise for a horror game and comparing the two games is pretty interesting. I opted for a more linear approach largely because I don't have the skills to do what's done here, create an immersive environment through text and styling that gives the sense of actually being in an elevator. It manages to capture the feeling of playing the elevator game more accurately and is more genuinely unnerving, at least to me. 

NOTE: I've noticed that attempting to restore from a save slot on the final "game over" screen seems to corrupt that save slot. If you're at the end title screen with credits,  please restart the game before restoring so you don't lose a save. 

I'm not sure if this happens with just this game, or is a weird bug in the software. I'll investigate.