In 1982, Laguna Peak Productions released the world's first live-action erotic science-fiction series: BREEDING PRINCESSES OF THE PLANET LESBONICON. In 1983, all physical copies were destroyed by court order--except one. 

Can peripheral, non-plot critical character Commander Soluna Desuloi find true companionship in the cold, dark, emptiness of space under conflicting politics and regimes of the gender wars? Should she just find personal satisfaction in her job as Chief Breeding Matron aboard Starfleet Lesbonicon? Are her aspirations ultimately futile while the Semen Cyborgs of Narn seek to fertilize the Universe just so they can ultimately destroy it? Or is she merely reading lines of a bad porn script? Can this bargain bin VHS tape, stretched from fast-forwarding through to the sexy parts, survive the entire episode? You decide in this epic (though sadly devoid of episodic context) triple XXX space-opera!


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is this game done yet? trying to figure out if i should download or not

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Originally this was intended just as a demo at its current length for Space Fucking Jam. I was going to complete it, but it's currently sidetracked, my apologies. Please enjoy the free demo and check out my other full-length games at your leisure.

is there going to be any actual breeding


error messages at just about every turn.

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UPDATE: If you use the app, update to 25.0.0 to resolve problems with web games! ( )

Hi, I'm sorry to hear you got error messages. I'm also a bit surprised - this is a preview demo so there might be a few loose ends, but they shouldn't occur "at every turn".

Did you download the file or are you playing it on the page? Which browser are you using? If you can give me a bit more specific information what went wrong, I will definitely take a look. 

Thank you for your feedback! - Hanon

here are a couple of error messages. as you can see i am playing via itchio. i have selected 'instal' from itch (which sometimes just has you play via itch's browser, which uses your default browser, chrome in my case, though this changes based on how you set it up). i use windows 7 professional. the error messages don't always last, they will go away on their own (i can't keep them open to grab info off of them).

The missing file is music, and it plays fine on the game page on

I did not provide a separate zip file for download thinking that people would just play online. It appears the app is downloading just the .html game file without the supporting folder of media, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

I have just uploaded a complete zip named Try downloading and playing that (or running in the if that works?) and see if you still get the errors.

Yeah, it doesn't appear to work in the app at all. Try the browser version from Chrome or download and run the aforementioned file. 

it doesn't launch from the launch button at all now. i took a look at the files downloaded and it downloads the webversion now so all one has to do is go to the files and open the index.html (default main file for website for those that don't know). i didn't look at the files it downloded before so i can't really help out with why it worked before and not now. it wasn't a matter of not including the files (as in all files) as the images (jpegs) were visible when 'doing research' about the tape, though it looks like their was audio file issues (maybe not inlcuded or in a different location, their could even be a translation issue between software which uses incorrect file paths due to name compressions).

Is there more than one ending?

Not in the demo, however there are optional side paths and will be more in the final game. The final game will likely hit one specific ending, but there will be several lanes on the way there.